We Love Beer

You love beer, your friends love beer and the world of beer is big and getting bigger every day. is the perfect place for you to join a community of beer lovers just like you! Whether you want to have a place to tick your beers, easily create and participate in Challenges with your friends, or just connect with other beer enthusiasts – is the place. Get started by creating an account, ticking beers and creating a Challenge; the best way to make a game of ticking with your friends.

As you start ticking and participating in Challenges you’ll be able to share your thoughts about the beers you’ve ticked, read what your beer loving friends have to say about the beers they’re ticking and engage in friendly beer banter along the way.

What is Beer Ticking?

Beer ticking is the practice of keeping your own recorded history of every different beer that passes your lips. It’s a simple pursuit, rather like train spotting or stamp collecting, but infinitely more pleasurable. Start collecting and recording ticks today and review your ticks any time with My Ticker Tape. Tick your beers any time, whether in a challenge or not.

What is the Challenge?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Fantasy Football, Baseball and Golf leagues, they are a great excuse to share the fun of a sport with like minded enthusiasts. Along those lines, a Beer Ticking Challenge is a friendly competition for those who want to make a game out of enjoying and appreciating beer; especially locally crafted brews. Talk to your friends and start your challenge today. How many challengers and how long of a challenge, is entirely up to you. Once your challenge is on, you can discuss ticks, banter with your fellow competitors and keep track of who’s leading the challenges.

Spirit of the Challenge

In ticking, rules are sacrosanct. Even if some of the rules seem peculiar, violating them would not offer an advantage given the intended spirit of this challenge. The spirit of this challenge is a friendly competition. What makes this all the more important to tickers is that you're left to police yourselves. So, it becomes the ticker's job to enforce the rules themselves.

Get Started:

  1. Create an account!
  2. Tick some beers (tutorial)
  3. Join or create a competition (tutorial)
  4. Compete in your challenge - Even if you don't win, you still explored the world of beer.